Concept: Le Flux culture store is a place where creatives from the whole spectrum meet. The idea was to show different sub-cultures in Tilburg and connect them with the store through the edit. We chose to glue the scene’s and subcultures together via seemless cuts. This to enhance the feeling of unity and to link everything to the store.

Le Flux x FROMTHEZOOFILM brandiflm treatment.




Rotoscoping frame by frame to create flow. We had a lot of transitions like this in the film. No shortcuts possible!

The final result!



Firstly it felt very important to not only make a creative and professional feeling video. Secondly we really wanted to show respect to all the artists who donated their time for us. There is a lot of blood sweat and tears in the video and not just by us. So Finally FROMTHEZOOFILM wants to thanks everybody who is involved in this project!


Release Date:
release date:


Directed, shot and edited:



AR the bushmaster

Sound design:

Nigel van Schouteren


Xander Mulder, Marc-Joost Mulder, Shienna, Cler James, Diego Nadal,