A brandfilm is a short cinematic film that tells the story of your brand using cinematic techniques to convey emotion.



We create music video’s costum tailored to the needs of the artists or labels, let’s celebrate diversity and make something creative!



The goal is to attract as many clients trough your own unique commercial that will represent your brand in the best possible way. let’s explore!



A mini documentary can tell your audience your authentic story trough a cinematic eye powerful storytelling and an emotional approach. Tell it your way!

Latest projects.



Commercial we helped co-directing and editing starring I AM REDO.


LE FLUX culturestore.

Brandfilm we did for the Le Flux cultureshop.



Music video we shot for Hyena Hex called Wildflower.

Client experience.

Da Mouth of Madness

FROMTHEZOOFILM created the video of Dr.Peacock and Dope DOD’s accid Bomb! Still one of the best productions I ever been in. We did it in a day and all was possible because of the production skills of FROMTHEZOOFILM. Big endorsement from our part ❤️

Hardcore & frenchcore mc

Angelo Martinus

Worked with FROMTHEZOOFILM several times during our festival E-moves in Eindhoven. Professional work with passion for street culture!

organizer E-moves

Soufiane Bencok

FROMTHEZOOFILM did the best commercial I ever did!

Multiple times world champion panna & freestyle soccer

Hyena Hex

FROMTHEZOOFILM is the only one who captures my energetic and weird style in a way that I don't have to compromise and lose the message I want to bring across! he really crawled in to my skin and made the visuals match the kind of artist I am and even more! I truly appreciate the relationship we have built trough working together and I intend to continue to keep making straight fire as we grow even more in to our own style while collaborating, after all music and film go hand in hand and its when these two within our craft when the magic truly happens. if you aint't your everyday artist, this is the guy for you my friend! nothing but love.

Performing artist & songwriter

Paranoid android

FROMTHEZOOFILM, is a as collaborative as he is visionary. Never have I worked with someone that can meet the energy of an artist, sync up, and propel the art without derailing the idea. My experience was as gorilla as it was professional. Scowering the streets of Los Angeles, finding beauty in the alleys behind strip clubs, and getting kicked out of the last bookstore on earth. If you want to make good art, you have to take risks, both in your vision, and in real life. There needs to be balance, beauty, and bravery. FROMTHEZOOFILM walks that line like an acrobat.

Legendary bboy & Crossfit athlete

Hugo van der Spek

Had a awesome time with FROMTHEZOOFILM in Paris, resulting in a awesome video which was very well received by the Kickstarter direction. Great to work with this hero.

Lean storyteller, crowdfunding campaigner, community builder & Growth Marketeer


Working with FROMTHEZOOFILM is a perfect fit from A to Z. The mind set, the gear, the eye for detail and quality, it all comes in the package. A definite solid and legit choice. Hope to be working with them soon again.

bboy, mc & owner House of Styles


FROMTHEZOOFILM is amazing! They shot my most succsesful video to date, "Fall", in Los Angeles, California. We only had a few hours for filming, but with his calm energy, passion, and efficient work ethic he made the most out of every second. The film is beautiful, unique and visionary.

Rauf Yassit // Legendary bboy and innovator

Bboy Menno

Quick effective and knows to catch vibes. Super chill to work with and understands the art of breaking!

Menno van Gorp // Multiple times Red Bull BC One worldchampion

MG The Legits Studios

Super fast and very professional video production service. Would definitely recommend to everyone who is looking for a good video production partner in The Netherlands and beyond!

Director & bboy

World's BEST dancers collab from home | Red Bull Dance

Trusted by brands and artists worldwide.